Published On: Tue, Jun 30th, 2015

Adobe recommends all users to update their software immediately


Flash Player Vulnerability

Adobe’s Flash has a serious vulnerability that permits hackers to hijack a laptop, Adobe urged all users to update their software system immediately, after a report by FireEye.

Less than a week ago, FireEye said the vulnerability allows hackers to remotely hijack the victim’s laptop by using a specially created video file. Adobe has since free an urgent update to rectify the problem. It may be downloaded using the auto-update enclosed with Flash.

According to FireEye reports, a Chinese hacking collective referred to as APT3 is already exploiting the vulnerability by causing phishing emails to corporations within the telecommunication, engineering and aerospace industries.

“This group is one in all the advanced threat teams that FireEye Threat Intelligence tracks, ” said FireEye.

“After with success exploiting a target host, this group can quickly dump credentials, move laterally to extra hosts and install custom backdoor.”

As well because the threat from APT3, the malware has additionally created its means into a popular exploit kit known as Magnitude. Exploit kits change attackers to put in malware while not having to write their own exploits. The Guardian reports that this has been used to install ransomware on victims’ computers.

Flash users ought to make sure that they have the latest version downloaded from the Adobe website so as to guard themselves from cyber attacks.


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