Hulu Opens Seinfeld Apartment in Manhattan Today



Hulu’s real-world version of Jerry Seinfeld’s iconic Upper West Side apartment, which it made as part of a promotion for the streaming service’s $100 million+ signing of all nine seasons of the show, officially opened in Manhattan today.

“Seinfeld: The Apartment” is located at Milk Studios on West 14th Street. It will be open to visitors June 24-28, from 10 AM to 7 PM.

“When they threw the final party after the finale [in 1998], everyone who was invited got a little disposable camera. The first thing I did was go and get a picture of myself standing by his front door, ” Larry Thomas, who played the famous Soup Nazi, told The New York Post at a preview of the exhibit. “That kind of explains what that means to everybody that it was my first instinct, the first picture I wanted to take. So much classic comedy was created in that space. I think everybody just reveres those walls.”

“Seinfeld: The Apartment” includes many different interactive elements that allow fans to relive key moments from the series, including George Costanza’s Valentine’s Day photo shoot and Cosmo Kramer’s famous barge-in entrances.

“‘Seinfeld’ is one of those rare shows that continues to influence pop culture to this day, so what better way to launch its streaming debut than to celebrate the fans and give them a chance to relive the scenes from some of the most iconic moments in TV history?” said Jenny Wall, Hulu’s senior VP and head of marketing.


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