Published On: Wed, Jun 17th, 2015

What Are Instagram’s Most Popular Emojis?


The top ten emojis used by Instagram users are all positive ones. The number 1 Emoji on Instagram is a heart. Six of the top ten are variations on the classic smiley face. This according to a new report on the top 100 emojis used on Instagram released by Curalate.

Two small hearts came in at number 7, A “kiss” came in at number 9 and a “thumbs up” at number 10.

The heart was picked 575, 381 times, more than 250, 000 more times than the number 2 on the list.

So people are more likely to post happy images on social media, or at least be in a good mood when they do so. This is kind of a “so what else is new” moment. People clearly prefer to post images of happy moments.

The first truly sad image did not come in until number 44. It is a sad face with a single tear. In last place on the list at number 100 is a sad face which was used only 13, 000 times. But who knows, maybe sometimes people choose it by mistake.

Instagram first allowed users to add Emojis on April 27th of this year.

Curalate stated that it analyzed the total photo count for each single character emoji hashtag used on Instagram between April 27th and May 27th, 2015 – a one-month period following launch. This analysis, it said, includes brand and user-generated images. It accounts for emojis that appear within the image caption as well as any comment posted by the original user.

“Today, some 50% of all captions and comments on Instagram contain at least an emoji or two.”

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