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This interesting patent for a smart shoe was filed by Frampton Ellis from Florida, US, and Published on Jun 1, 2015.
This interesting patent from PatentYogi  for a smart shoe was filed by Frampton Ellis from Florida, US and Published on Jun 1, 2015.

The patent refers to a sole for a shoe which can be controlled by a smartphone application; now that sounds amazing if it should actually work.

Such a revolutionary shoe would, if it works, automatically alter the cushioning in different parts of the sole to match the forces that are generated by the foot pressing down on it, based on dynamic data gathering using sensors in the sole which then talk to your smart phone.

The patent describes a sole which includes compartments which are filled with a special magnetic fluid that moves between them based on the pressures generated on them as the foot moves forward.

SHOES Patent

Sensors embedded throughout the sole measure the forces and pressures created at different points. The sensor readings are wirelessly sent to the smartphone where they are processed and sent back to control magnetic field applied on compartments present in the sole, thereby changing the cushioning properties of the sole. Hopefully the lag is minimal and such professing operates in real time.

The sensor readings are also analyzed to identify any abnormal posture, gait or running style of the individual wearing the shoe.

One example would be a common condition many people have, called pronation of the foot. This can lead to excessive lateral movement of the user’s center of gravity acting on one side more than the other. This frequently can cause pain in the affected foot.

In case such an abnormality is detected, pre-programmed solutions can in principle be applied here too using the user’s smartphone app.

This all sounds like an interesting concept, though one can reasonably doubt that outfits like Nike or Adidas are trembling in the soles of their feet just yet.

Shoe tech is obviously advancing at a rapid rate but trendiness is not enough – if the shoes companies would just offer some additional widths and lasts for more people, that would in itself being greater foot comfort to more people.

You can watch this video describing it at tech blog PatentYogi:

Patent Data

Patent title: Smartphones app-controlled configuration of footwear soles using sensors in the smartphone and the soles
Patent Number: 9, 030, 335
Issue date: May 12, 2015
Inventors: Frampton E. Ellis
Appl. No.: 13/859, 859
Filed: April 10, 2013

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