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Orange SA Announces Its Pulling Out of Israel

The French Telecommunications Firm has gone forward with implementing the desire stated by its CEO in Cairo yesterday.

Stephane Richard

After Israelis woke up today to the shocking news that CEO Stephane Richard of French telecom giant Orange SA said that he would pull his company’s name from the Israeli marketplace “tomorrow” if he could, multiple Israeli media sources are reporting that Orange has decided to do exactly that.

Israel’s Partner Communications currently offers mobile phone services in Israel under the Orange brand name and pays about $4 million a year for it, reports Globes.

Richard’s statements led to a public outcry in Israel where many people threatened to dump Orange brand cell phone service because they do not wish to see their money go to the French company. Today Partner Communications’ staffers held a protest over Richard’s comments at the company’s local offices.

Israeli politicians and diplomats tried to put pressure on the French government over Richard’s comments. Israeli Ambassador to France Yossi Gal called on the French to condemn Richard’s Cairo remarks. Israel’s Culture Minister Miri Regev called the comments anti-semitic and called on the French President to fore Richard from his position with Orange in which the French government has a 25% stake. She texted, “The French government must show zero tolerance for anti-Semitism.”

Orange, blaming the reaction in Israel for its decision, released the following statement, “In line with its brand policy, Orange does not want to keep its brand presence in countries where it is not an operator. Within this framework, and while strictly respecting existing accords, Orange would like to put an end to this brand licencing.”

So it is only because the company no longer wishes to have franchisees and only wants to be in nations where it operates a company itself that Orange is pulling out of Israel. That is what we are supposed to believe Richard meant.

Do these people think that Israelis are all a bunch of idiots? After what Richard said and the outcry over it, to suddenly pull out of Israel for such an obviously contrived reason implies that they do.

The French government has yet to comment on the whole matter.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ElliottNessFellenz

    June 5, 2015 at 1:35 am

    Here goes Nutanyahoo and his far right allied wackos playing the anti-Semite card. Next comes the Holocaust one.
    The bottom line is that Israel needs to gratefully acknowledge any result that keeps it intact as a nation, albeit with a smaller area under any viable peace. And to say that the law of return shouldn’t be recognized underscores the insular nature and aloofness of Jewish communities not only over there, but practically everywhere else. 
    In effect, they are like those German far right wackos who carried out a 12 year intensive program of brutal oppression and genocide against Jews. Inclusive of themselves, and exclusive of everyone else. 
    That’s what the Germans did … included only so-called Aryans, and excluded everyone else, especially German Jews. If she agrees to change her position and allow for Palestinians to return to what is now Israel proper, Israel may be far less significantly Jewish with the return of Palestinians who lived there before and during the 2,000 year Jewish absence from the land called Palestine, but at least she’ll still be a nation, and one at peace. 
    The disappearance of the Palestinian majority only happened because of a forced push by Jews who did a mid-twentieth invasion of Palestine after a 2,000 year absence. Yep, while the seven major Crusades and many more minor ones were being fought a millennium and less ago by Christian and Muslim warriors, there weren’t any significant numbers of Jews at all in Palestine. No Jewish armies or contenders because they were living satisfactorily elsewhere in significant numbers throughout the Middle East and Europe. That was so much true that even as late as 1950 when Iraq did a large scale expulsion of many of its Jews whose families and ancestors had lived there for 2,500 years, there were still at that time 350,000 Jews in Iraq. So true that even after 1948, more than 3,000,000 Jews immigrated to Israel from over 90 different countries pursuant to the policy of Aliyah, which is the act of Jews immigrating from the diaspora to Israel. 
    Jews weren’t in Palestine in any cognizable number until they did their invasion and theft in the middle of the last century. They pushed the aboriginal people out by essentially just all of a sudden saying, “hey, we just set up a Jewish state.” 
    And it just so happens that the place they picked is a real sensitive place to all Muslims, the place having holy Jerusalem, the third holiest location in all of Islam. That’s the place that Muslims gave incalculable human lives for in all of those Crusades. 
    No wonder the rest of the Arab world that mostly don’t give two chits about the Palestinian people are p.o.’d. The Jews took what is nearly as sacred to Muslims as Mecca and Medina, and made it their exclusive Jewish capital. They’re now encroaching upon Muslim E. Jerusalem and the really, very holy mosque there where the Jewish Wailing Wall sits, i.e., that third most place in Israel. 
    No, Israel should be glad just to exist as a safe place for Jews. To make it safe, they have to treat the people that they coercively pushed out fairly and make reasonable amends including making Jerusalem a shared capital, allowing for the return of Palestinian residents, dismantling West Bank settlements, and allowing real soon for the establishment of a separate Palestinian state.

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