Published On: Sun, May 31st, 2015

Google Pledges $20 Million For Non-Profits That Help Disabled

Google is not only at the center of our social universe, but it is socially conscientious too.

google phimathropy

All hail Google! The high tech behemoth has pledged to donate $20 million to non-profit organizations which develop technologies that help the disabled.

Last week the company established the “Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities, ” which will offer funding to whoever comes up with the best idea on how to help people with disabilities.

The company states, “At Google, we like trying to solve big problems. The Google Impact Challenge, through innovation and everyday efforts, serves to organize and rally action around one issue on a global scale at an accelerated timeline.”

The competition is intended to build awareness, identify solutions and help create universal access for people with disabilities. It will seek out nonprofits and help them find new solutions to “some serious “what ifs” for the disabled community.” Google says that it will choose the best of these ideas and help them to scale by investing in their vision, by rallying our people and by mobilizing our resources in support of their missions.

Then there is Google’s Enable Community.

In a blog post the company wrote that The Enable community connects people who want prosthetics with volunteers who use 3D printers to design, print, assemble, and fit them, for free. This dramatically cuts costs, increases speed of distribution, and meets unmet needs. It will support the Enable Community Foundation’s efforts with a $600, 000 grant to advance the design, distribution and delivery of open-source 3D-printed upper-limb prosthetics.

Diagnosing auditory challenges can be a struggle in low income communities—the equipment is expensive, bulky and unrealistic, particularly in the developing world. With Google’s support, and a $500, 000 grant, World Wide Hearing will develop, prototype and test an extremely low cost tool kit for hearing loss using smartphone technology that’s widely available—and affordable—in the developing world.

So once again all hail Google. It is not only changing thee world, but making it a better place too.

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