MagicFlex Analysis Software for Data Center Environments Makes Version 2.30 Available

Israel’s MagicFlex Analysis Software, Ltd., a developer of software providing analysis and troubleshooting for Data Center environments, released its 2.30 version today.

The company boasts that the product integrates unique advanced troubleshooting, preventive analysis and actionable insights to complex Data center environments. MagicFlex 2.30 builds on the strengths and capabilities of previous versions, offering IT Administrators additional and enhanced essential tools for troubleshooting and network configuration.

MagicFlex Version 2.30 is now combined with HP OneView Version 1.20 and can be displayed in its Dashboard. HP Oneview displays all types of Alerts and Analysis as follows: Configuration and Preventive Analysis, Smart Alerts Analysis, Port Alerts Analysis, Compatibility Matrix Analysis, Counters Trends, Ports Performance Trends and Actionable Recommendations.

MagicFlex analyzes the converged infrastructure environment, generating alerts based on analysis of the configuration, statuses and performance, in addition to Port Alerts that indicate problems such as CRC errors, link resets, flow control and pause frames. Analysis and Status Alerts indicate problems with configuration, control and redundancy such as duplicate MAC, high utilization for long periods, alerts in best practices and other known issues. Reports are also available by request, detailing status and configuration details and analysis.


MagicFlex Analysis Software Ltd., an innovative software vendor, introduces unique perceptions and analysis for converged infrastructure environments. It is a distinctive product that integrates advanced troubleshooting, preventive analysis and actionable insights.

Company founders developed MagicFlex based on their experience as Virtual Connect architects and technical consultants since its inception. They recognized the need to easily identify issues within Virtual Connect and developed a unique solution that assists network and system administrators with analysis and troubleshooting.

MagicFlex has expanded its smart analysis capabilities to additional interfaces such as the virtual servers (WMware) and the SAN switches (Brocade) and will continue to add additional server, storage and network components. MagicFlex simplifies identification of performance issues and significantly reduces the time required to troubleshoot situations within converged infrastructure environments.
Customers include government, defense, law enforcement agencies, and large financial institutions, healthcare and communication enterprises.

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