Published On: Wed, Mar 25th, 2015

Insults Flow Freely in Labor Trial of Sara Netanyahu

Former House Manager says Sara Netanyahu is a drunk, but others say manager was an abusive bully.


Sara Netanyahu


Manny Naftali, the former house manager of the Netanyahus suing for violation of labor laws, vowed grandly the he would clear his name, and in almost the same breath, claimed his former boss Sara Netanyahu is a drunk who downs 3 bottles of champagne a day. In the same spirit, Ezra Seidof, Deputy Director General of the Prime Minister’s office, said the house manager was abusive bully who would antagonize Sara Netanhayu and unethically grab special perks for his friends, as reported by the Jerusalem Post. 

Naftali is suing for hundreds of thousands of shekel in unpaid overtime hours and poor treatment. He alleges Sara Netanyahu made ethnic slurs against him (perhaps with slurred speech), and tormented him to the point where he had to leave his position. Seidof says exactly the opposite, that Naftali did everything he could to annoy Sara Netanyahu and even reduced her to tears. He would sometimes punch and push other members of the staff and fib about hours to help those he liked. In one incident, he had a temper tantrum and threw food she prepared for the Prime Minister in the garbage. Seidof denies hearing Sara Netanyahu make any racial or ethnically charged statements against Naftali.

On March 10, the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office filed nine affidavits expressing a favorable view of the Netanyahus’ conduct. While the state resisted having to file an affidavit for Sara Netanyahu, Jerusalem Labor Court judge Dita Pruginin said bluntly, “Court orders are not a recommendation, ” meaning they are mandatory. Sara Netanyahu filed her affidavit which denied Naftali’s accusations.

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