Published On: Thu, Feb 26th, 2015

Sign the JBN Urgent Petition: Bibi, Please Don’t Go


Netanyahu at joint session of Congress

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

We, the readers of the Jewish Business News, do not doubt your sincerity and your belief that the Iranian nuclear threat is real and acute.

We just don’t believe you will advance Israel’s cause by openly challenging the American Administration.

Your insistence on speaking to Congress March 3 doesn’t seem to be getting the results you’re aiming for, but it does lose Israel and U.S. Jews many political friends.

We respect you, even admire some of your achievements as prime minister, but we fear that this one has not been one of your best decisions.

But there’s still time to change your mind. It’s still not too late to call up the Congressional leadership and ask to postpone your speech, in order to permit the Obama Administration the time and space they say they require to bring about a reliable resolution to the Iranian program.

Many of us voted for you and are planning to vote for you in the future. But we don’t want you to be a leader who has burned all his bridges and lost his country’s best friends without much to show for it.

Mr. Prime Minister, when you go to Washington next week, carry your speech at the AIPAC convention — it would be heard, loud and clear, around the world — but please don’t speak to the joint session of Congress.

Be the bigger man.

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