Published On: Tue, Jan 27th, 2015

Kim Jong Un Aside, Why Not Invest In Korea?

kim-jong-un ,   Jim Rogers

Well here’s the ultimate contrarian investing idea: invest in North Korea. Never mind that there is a tyrant Kim Jong Un who runs the country and is none too enamored of the West. North Korean hackers are thought to have been behind the Sony leaked e-mail scandal over the film The Interview, about an assassination attempt against the dictator.

Investor Jim Rogers doesn’t think it is too early to start consider investing in North Korea, not that one can buy the country’s stocks. In fact, Rogers says “I’m dying to find a way to invest in North Korea.” Rogers thinks North and South Korea will unify (presumably peacefully, otherwise the investment thesis would kind of fall apart) and since North Korea lacks entertainment, restaurants and technology, it is a virtual frontier of opportunities. If there is amicable unification, Rogers would invest in North Korea through other Asian countries that will do business there, according to Business Insider.

Japan won’t be too happy about unification, if it should happen, but the combined entity will have a “cheap, disciplined labor force” and could be opened up to mining. “Such a country would run circles around Japan, ” says Jim Rogers, who invests in Singapore.

Jim Rogers may be right, but given Kim Jong Un’s foul mood nowadays, lets hope unification doesn’t happen in the form of force annexation.

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