Published On: Mon, Jan 26th, 2015

Star Sports Agent Drew Rosenhaus’ Brother Breaks Up His Marriage

Drew Rosenhaus and his wife

Cain asked Abel, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Well, according to Lisa Thomson, who married Drew Rosenhaus, the star sports agent who might have inspired the Tom Cruise character in the film Jerry Macguire, her brother-in-law Jason is not exactly keeping his brother’s marriage intact, according to Gossipextra. It would have been a bit ridiculous for a woman who married a sports agent to complain her husband is always glued to the set watching sports games. The problem instead seems to be that Drew’s brother Jason is always around, and they don’t want her to go anywhere. She doesn’t mention that they enlist her to serve them cold beer and sandwiches on the sofa, but that may be implied. Drew Rosenhaus filed for divorce in a Miami Dade County Court citing irreconcilable differences. Lisa goes into detail about what those differences were. As a real estate agent, Thomson said she is accustomed to going out and socializing, something Drew never wants to do. “We’ll probably sit down at talk after the Superbowl.” The potential for a dramatic or even disastrous domestic tiff ended rather uneventfully. The fight was three way, involving the married couple and the brother Jason. When police arrived on the scene, nothing was happening. Lisa admitted she called the police only because she felt threatened by the argument and that there were guns in the house. “Drew didn’t do anything wrong, ” she said and added, “If you are looking for the real reason for the divorce, It might be Because Jason is always at the house. They both work from there. There’s no privacy.”

Drew Rosenhaus and his wife (2)


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