Published On: Thu, Jan 22nd, 2015

Sony CEO Michael Lynton Issues Blanket Apology Ahead of Even More Email Leaks

(Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton offered a “blanket apology” ahead of what might be yet more links of Sony emails, this one targeted at musical acts, as reported by the New York Post. Just when it seemed that things among Sony execs couldn’t get more up close and personal or embarrassing, it is likely that a hacker will unleash sensitive information about contracts for entertainers and deals that may be made.

The last batch of leaked Sony emails dealt mainly with the film side of the company, but now artists who have signed with Sony, such as Beyonce, David Bowie, Barbara Streisand, Meghan Trainor, Adele and Bruce Springsteen could have information on salaries, contracts and other information leaked. One source reported that there is “definitely some nervous energy” around the Sony Music division.

Some good news for Sony was that its revolutionary digital release of “The Interview” a film it almost pulled as major theater chains feared terrorist reprisals if they showed the movie, brought in $40 million from 5.8 million digital downloads. The digital release was an ad hoc strategy to deal with cinemas not showing the film. “The Interview” was released on Google Play, Apple’s iTunes and Time Warner Cable. It is not certain whether the downloads will ultimately cover the costs of making the film, which were around $44 million in addition to the millions spent on marketing, but The Interview represents a new phase in digital releases.”

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