Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck’s Sci-Fi Books Hit The Screen with “The Expanse”


James_Corey_aka_Ty_Franck_and_Daniel_Abraham (James S.A. Corey (Ty Franck,   left,   and Daniel Abraham) in 2014


The adaption of the best-selling scifi novel series by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who write under the pseudonym S.A. Corey, is coming to the screen, and it is a radical, floating adventure that promises to be the latter day Battlestar Galactica, as reported by cinemablend. The Expanse is the first film in a series depicting life 200 years in the future when humans have colonized the solar system, but on their various planets, have still not learned to communicate properly.

A detective named Josephus Miller, played by Thomas Jane is in search of a mysterious heiress who has all the info of a major conspiracy theory connecting the baddies in all of the solar system. The elusive heiress, Juliette Mao, is played by Florence Faivre. Jim Holden is the ice captain, played by Steve Strait, and has a whole lot of his own problems to add to the mix.

The novel series began in 2011 with Leviathan Wakes, and is expected to become a series of nine books. The a series of films are expected to follow a similar pattern. The Expanse will premiere in 10 episodes starting in 2015.


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