Published On: Thu, Jan 8th, 2015

Trouble In Paradise? Fiance Crashes Stephen Fry’s Bentley

481672859 Elliott Spencer ,   Stephen Fry GETTY  -Stephen Fry with Elliott Spencer  / Getty

Stephen Fry expressed a kind of  implied “uh-oh, ” perhaps prescient of the upcoming mishap, in a Twitter post concerning his engagement to stand-up comedian Elliot Spencer going public. “A certain cat is out of a certain bag, ” Fry tweeted, adding he really preferred a private ceremony.

Fry, who is Jewish on his mother’s side, had to “come out” about his engagement, which had become official on Christmas, but was still a private matter, because the press leaked it. Despite having his hand forced to tweet about it, he said he was “Very happy.”

This was followed by Elliot Spencer crashing Fry’s Bentley into the side of the garage. But this does not spell trouble in Paradise. There was nothing malicious or intentional or even that absent-minded about it, and Fry shrugged the scrape off as nothing, according to PinkNews. What really upset Fry was the car received a whack as a result of the pair trying to escape from the paparazzi who were lying in ambush outside of their home.

Of course, for Stephen Fry, the best way to express consternation is through humor. Fry Tweeted, “A couple of journos parked outside my place. I wonder what I should do? Have said ‘Nothing to say thanks?’ But they are still there.”

“Some good suggestion as to what to do with door-stepping journos. Everything from sandwiches to Rottweilers. Maybe coffee is the answer.”

“Grr…number of journos outside has doubled. Maybe they heard about the free coffee. Definitely a mistake.”

Much of the fixation on the pair has to do with the age difference; Spencer is 27 and Fry is 57. Pinknews makes note of how the The Mail, the Telegraph and Attitude are “sensationalizing” the age difference. Express even referred to Spencer as Fry’s “toyboy” apparently ridiculing the fact he is much younger than Fry.

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