Shock Jock Howard Stern: Life without America’s Got Talent Not Worth Living


"America's Got Talent" Season 8  Red Carpet Event

Howard stern has announced that he will be returning for a 4th season as a judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. It will be the program’s 10th season.

Call him provocative, conceited, cynical or any number of things. Just don’t call Howard Stern a “shock jock” because he hates that. While Stern decries those who ask him why he never made the jump from radio to movies like all successful comedians do – he only ever wanted to be in radio – Stern did play himself in 1998’s Private Parts.

The radio talk show host has enjoyed toying with his audience over the past few years on the matter of whether or not he would continue as a judge/host of AGT. But now that is over.

Stern said in a statement posted on AGT’s Facebook page, “I decided that a life without AGT is not worth living, America needs a caring, compassionate and wise judge, and who am I to deny the people what they want? It would be selfish of me to walk away.”

“Howard’s wit and character bring an incomparable humor and insight to America’s Got Talent. We are thrilled to have him return, ” said NBC’s Paul Telegdy, president, alternative and late-night programming, in a statement.

Stern has always asserted that he is a great judge of talent, better even than the average judge on shows like AGT and American Idol. Since he joined the show Howard Stern has made himself its main character, overshadowing his fellow judges. At times he even got up on stage and joined the contestants while they performed.

Now Howard Stern has about a year to continue toying with his listeners over whether or not he will renew his contract with Sirius-XM satellite radio. At the end of 2015 he can either resign with the company, go back to regular radio, do something on the Internet or just call it quits after 40 years on the radio.


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