What Has Jon Stewart Done Last Night, You Wonder? Lost his Cool

jon stewart Brian Kilmeade

“Jon Stewart Responds to Own Factual Inaccuracy Revelation with Anti-Fox News Tantrum, ” according to breitbart.com.

On his Monday program, Stewart apologized for an error in including the San Bernardino Co., CA Dante Parker case in a list of police brutality incidents across the country. San Bernardino Co. District Attorney Mike Ramos got him good for the error, publicly.

But shortly afterwards, Stewart sank his teeth into the Fox News Channel, “which had pointed out Stewart’s error on various occasions over the past week, ” according to breitbart.com.

As mediaite.com’s Josh Feldman put it: “…what drove Stewart the craziest was that his ‘sloppiness’ is being used by Fox News to dismiss the more complex conversation about race and the police.”

Stewart went after “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade:

“Fuck you, Brian – seriously, f-ck you, ” everyone’s beloved funnyman said. “That is so far out of line, that even within the confines of this bit — ostensibly accepting blame for everything that’s coming my way for a factual error I really do regret, fuck you, ears, eyes, nose and throat. In fact, if I hadn’t told you to fuck off, I would have had to apologize on tomorrow night’s show for being factually incorrect.”

Here’s the thing, though: when you’re the highest paid television personality on the planet, bar none, and you go after a second tier boob like Brian Kilmeade, with so much less media power than yours — you look bad.

Makes no difference that Brian Kilmeade is an honest to goodness douchebag. We all know he’s a douchebag, he works for Fox News, for heaven’s sake.

You want to know what I think? I think it’s time for Stewart to do something else. First, a long vacation, and then, who knows, maybe politics, maybe movies. But if things continue down this slope — he’s bound to lose his Walter Cronkite-like status with the young folks.

Too bad.

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