Published On: Mon, Dec 1st, 2014

What’s Behind the Brad and Angelina Knockout, Melanie Laurent, Miyavi or the UN?

Brad and Angelina balcony blowout

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a fight, as reported by Woman’s Day. Just three months into wedded bliss, the couple were seen on a balcony of a Sydney hotel. Brad was drinking huge gulps of Crown Lager and throwing his arms up and Angelina looked nervous and tired.

Why would a high profile celebrity couple have a fight on a balcony of a hotel if they didn’t want to be seen? But in any case, they had been separated for weeks and were in Sydney for the red carpet event for “Unbroken, ” directed by Angelina. They pasted tense smiles at the event, and barely spoke to each other. Brad barely lifted his head from signing autographs, and Angelina gave a rather strange response to the question of how she liked married life; “It makes us happy to be married, if that makes any sense. I don’t think we needed it, but it feels….he’s my husband.”

Gossip columnists say it is either because 1) Brad is jealous 2) Angelina is jealous or 3) Angelina is working too hard. So let’s take the Brad scenario first. Brad is jealous because Angelina was hugging on Japanese actor Miyavi, star of “Unbroken, ” who, according to the magazines, bears a striking resemblance to Angelina’s former lesbian love Jenny Shimizu.

Or maybe Angelina is jealous because Brad has been too friendly lately with the French Jewish bombshell Melanie Laurent, star of “By the Sea.” Melanie Laurent started life as a good Jewish girl in the French capital (although how good can one be in Paris?) when she was discovered by Gerard Depardieu (who has recently confessed to grave robbing and having been a male escort, but that’s neither here nor there) quite suddenly when she was very young, and was told to skip acting school and appear in his film “The Bridge.” She has won several honors for her acting, including the Cesar Award Most Promising Actress.

Or back to Brad. Maybe he is jealous because Angelina is busy out saving the world and cavorting around the U.N. Or maybe it is because one of them has a tendency to pass gas. Or maybe Brad drinks too much Crown lager. Who knows?

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