Amy Berg’s New Children’s Sexploitation in Hollywood Documentary Is Not Loved


"An Open Secret" Screening - 2014 Doc NYC

Documentary filmmaker Amy Berg’s latest, An Open Secret, is having trouble finding a distributor due to its dark subject matter. It is about the sexual abuse of children.

The film deals specifically with the sexual exploitation of young boys by powerful men in the entertainment industry. It features interviews with 80s teen stars Corey Feldman and Todd bridges and even touches upon the recent accusations made against the director Bryan Singer.

Berg herself is worried about getting her movie formally released. At a question and answer session with reporters after An Open Secret’s formal premiere she said that , “maybe we’ll get distribution. It’s not very likely.”

The critics have not been kind to the movie. Ronnie Scheib said in Variety, “Though clearly championing the cause of the ex-child thesps who candidly recount their ordeals, Berg’s crusade advances on eggshells, dodging the potential lawsuits looming at every name named.”

The Hollywood Reporter pointed to the fact that it avoids making any hard hitting direct accusations, much to the film’s detriment. “This praiseworthy caution will likely keep the doc from attracting as much attention as many seem to expect (despite a surprise or two involving non-celebrities late in the film), ” THR said. “It will play best on cable, where with any luck it will encourage other victims to speak up, and enlighten the parents of showbiz aspirants about the industry’s dangers.”

The prolific Berg has another four films due out through the end on 2015.


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