Published On: Sun, Nov 16th, 2014

Israeli Fugu Offers Shapeshifting Luggage

Fugu Luggage

If you fly a lot and are tired of all of the ever changing rules about baggage sizes and fees that the airlines charge then the new Israeli startup Fugu may just have answered your prayers.

Fugu luggage has been measured to comply with airline size limitation for baggage and grows from the maximum regulation sized carry-on size to the maximum regulation sized check-in. So now people no longer need to keep several different types of luggage in different sizes. This also makes it easier to store when empty.

Airlines are doing everything they can these days to get every nickel and dime out of their passengers. In America they started to charge for any checked luggage so people began to save money by taking only what they could fit in their carry-ons. Then the airlines began to charge for carry-on luggage, or at least limit the size of what could be brought on board the planes to so small that travelers had no choice but to check bags and pay the fees.

Trans-Atlantic flights from Israel to the U.S. and visa a versa once allowed travelers to check two bags for free. Now you only get to check one bag free of charge.

FUGU luggage is the brainchild of the company’s CEO Isaac Atlas. He got the idea when going on business trips himself. He named it for the poisonous Japanese puffer fish that expands to three times its size.

Fugu Luggage specializes in finding ways to make your business travel more comfortable and convenient, with an emphasis on the world of suitcases.

The suitcase which they have developed can change in size from check in to carry on with a series of simple steps. In addition, the design is more comfortable and user friendly, built from the strongest materials to insure a durable as well as convenient suitcase.

The company boasts that the new Luggage will transform the travel experience. It seeks to raise $500, 000 in a Kickstarter campaign and has already brought in more than $106, 000 from 432 backers.

FUGU Luggage includes built-in shelves that can be attached or collapsed at any point. The shelves enable the suitcase to double as a storage unit, eliminating the need to unpack into a hotel closet and then later repack. The shelves have the added bonus of keeping your belongings neat and tidy throughout your journey.

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