Peter Chernin May Renew Movie Deal with Fox but Not TV Deal


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The hugely successful television and movie producer Peter Chernin is close to renewing his film deal with Fox Studios, according to the Hollywood Reporter. But he may look to take his television production company elsewhere.

The 63 year old producer has been behind such hit TV Shows as New Girl and movies like Rise of the Planet of the Apes and its hugely successful sequel, this past summer’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes which grossed $707.5 million worldwide. Chernin is also the man behind the upcoming Exodus: Gods in Kings in which Christian Bale plays Moses and next year’s The Heat 2 with Melissa McCarthy, a sequel to the 2013 hit which grossed $230 million worldwide.

Most television shows and movies are actually produced by independent production companies which have deal with the networks and studios. These include Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Rob Reiner’s Castle Rock.

Chernin, who was once an executive with Fox studios and a Rupert Murdock protégé, will see both his TV and Movie deals with that studio come to an end next June. THR says that sources told it that Chernin Entertainment, which made all of those box office hits, will renew its deal with Fox. But the same cannot be said of his television company which was responsible for overpriced dud TV shows that aired on Fox like Terra Nova and Hieroglyph, a drama set in ancient Egypt whose pilot never even aired.

THR quoted a source as saying that, “Fox was very unhappy with some of the [film and TV deals’] terms.” These included big back end deals.

Chernin recently explained the secret behind his success to the New York Times. In an interview he said, “It ain’t a lot of fun to make failed movies, and to be successful you have to be in the attention-getting business. Actually, attention-getting is the dominant thing that has taken over the media business over all.”

“How do you find that?” he added. “A lot of it is gut.”


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