Rep. Steve Israel Quits Democratic Campaign Committee after Devastating Defeat


Rep. Steve Israel

House Rep. Steve Israel (D. NY) is stepping down as the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

While the 56 year old won an eighth term to represent New York’s Third Congressional District on Tuesday, his party was devastated as it lost at least seven seats in the Senate along with control of that body and a number of seats in the House. So it is no surprise that he quit since clearly many Democrats will be looking for scapegoats and people’s heads right now.

But Israel did tell the New York Times that his colleagues appreciated all the work that he did on their behalf. “Virtually every colleague who was not re-elected sent me messages saying, ‘You did all you could and then some’, ” he said.

Looking on the bright side, Congressman Israel pointed out that come the next elections in 2016 the Republican Party will not be able to make their campaign a referendum on Barack Obama’s policies. Now everyone is most concerned with who will be the next president since President Obama cannot run again.

“As soon as the sun came up this morning, Washington pundits turned the page to presidential candidates and the presidential election of 2016, ” Israel said.


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