Published On: Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Blowing Chinese Crowd’s Mind in Fluent Mandarin

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg just posted this video, showing off a 30-minute Q&A at Tsinghua University, Beijing, run in Chinese, beginning to end, no subtitles.

We’re probably going to get many of those once our Chinese overlords arrive and set up store in our cities. But by then we’ll have all learned that wonderful language (in case one of them overlords is reading this).

Remember the old joke that an optimist learns Russian and a pessimist learns Chinese? well, now it’s an Optimist learns Mandarin and a pessimist learns Cantonese.

So Mark Zuckerberg is an optimist, because we’re told he’s fluent in mandarin.

Sit back and relax and watch this half hour. It will prepare you for the future.

Note how thrilled the audience was. They gasped and applauded and loved it.

Like if you discovered one morning that your cat can speak English. How entertaining would that be, right?

We’re told that every year Zuckerberg picks a skill or a goal to pursue with extreme focus. This year, he writes one thoughtful thank-you note every day. In 2010, he learned Mandarin.

Wired suggested the ultimate goal of Zuckerberg’s charm offensive is to get Facebook off the banned list in China.

Imagine, there are already 1.5 billion Facebook subscribers. He could make that 2 billion overnight.

And then, if every day every one of us will give Mark Zuckerberg one dollar, he could literally be richer than God. Not bad for a kid of – how old is he? Twelve? Twenty? No, seriously, thirty? Yes, looked it up. He’s 30.


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