Are Muslims Doing It Wrong? Study Finds Circumcision Risky for Older Boys


muslim circumcision

Religious Jewish circumcision, as well as your run-of-the-mill hospital circumcision, are done in the first couple of weeks of life. But in 6 percent of U.S. boys, the procedure is done much later, according to new research, increases the risk of complications and increases costs.

The study, published online Oct. 20 in Pediatrics, analyzed 2010 MarketScan claims data from commercial health plans, using procedural codes to identify circumcisions performed on males aged 0 to 18 years, and diagnostic codes to assess clinical indications for the procedure.

“Among circumcisions performed in the first year of life, we estimated rates for neonates and postneonates. We estimated the percentage of circumcisions by age among males who had circumcisions in 2010, and the mean payment for neonatal and postneonatal procedures.”

The study found that 156, 247 circumcisions were performed, with 146, 213 (93.6%) in neonates and 10, 034 (6.4%) in postneonates.

Among postneonatal circumcisions, 46.6% were performed in males younger than 1 year and 25.1% were for nonmedical indications. The mean payment was $285 for a neonatal and $1, 885 for a postneonatal circumcision.

Thye study concluded that “the large number of nonmedical postneonatal circumcisions suggests neonatal circumcision might be a missed opportunity for these boys. Delay of nonmedical circumcision results in greater risk for the child, and a more costly procedure.”

Islamic traditions do not determine a particular time for circumcision, despite the commonly held notion (among non-Muslims) that they follow the example of biblical Ishmael, who was circumcised at age 13.

The age of circumcision in Islam depends on family and geography. A majority of Muslims believe parents should circumcise their child before the age of ten, preferably seven. In any event, it should be done before puberty. In Malaysia, the operation is a rite of puberty, separating the boy from childhood and ushering him into adulthood.


  1. It’s pretty much only Jewish people and north Americans that think that male circumcision should be performed early.  Only around 10% of the world’s circumcised men were circumcised as infants, and 70% of the world’s men are never circumcised.
    There are hospitals in Switzerland and Scotland where male circumcision is usually delayed till the infant is old enough for general anesthetic.  Newborns seem to be hyper-sensitive to pain, and also have a very weak immune system.
    This new study only seems look at the numbers of and cost for boys circumcised in the first 28 days, and those circumcised after then but before the age of 18 years.
    It ignores the increased risk of meatal stenosis for newborn circumcision, the fact that some men wish they hadn’t been circumcised, and doesn’t mention the increased risk of autism/ASD.  Pubmed 23656698 found that “there was a strong correlation between country-level (n = 9) autism/ASD prevalence in males and a country’s circumcision rate”.
    (possibly linked to the use of acetaminophen as a painkiller)

  2. The population undergoing circumcisions at an older age can’t be compared to newborns.  The set of older kids getting cut are much more likely to have an actual issue, but that was most likely CAUSED by ill-advised parental fiddling with the skin.  We now know ONLY THE OWNER should ever retract a foreskin.  The AAP now advises “Only clean what is seen.  Don’t retract.”

  3. I think this study is correct.  Circumcision at birth is the optimal time to perform it on boys.  The Jews and the American medical community who circumcise boys after birth are doing it correctly.  Hopefully the Muslim community will be guided by the wisdom of this.

  4. So it is better to amputate genital parts of a baby because:

    No cost of Anesthesia (babies can’t handle it and they cannot verbally express just how painful it is — and it is more painful for babies as the fused glans/mucosa must be ripped apart).

    No complications of Anesthesia (babies can’t handle it and they cannot verbally express just how painful it is — and it is more painful for babies as the fused glans/mucosa must be ripped apart).

    SO it is OK to WOUND a baby and take away sexual function and pleasure from the man he will become because it is cheaper as he can’t complain about the extreme PAIN?

    If you cannot see how crazy this logic is you are just a sick as the SICK F#CKs that produced this study.  

    EVERY HUMAN (male and female) has the RIGHT (a human right) to reach adulthood with all of the tissue (particularly all of their erogenous tissue) that THEIR genetic code provides.

  5. craigbuntin2010 However, “IT” is FORCED genital MUTILATION.
    The parts that are amputated have THOUSANDS of specialized nerve endings. These are the MOST innervated parts of the HUMAN MALE. The parts cut off shut down a huge part of the kid’s/man’s sensory system. That can never be returned (it is shut down for good). Most partial genital men will get ED at a much younger age than they would otherwise (cut men are 4.5 TIMES as likely to get ED).  What sickness motivates those that do this to newborns?  How can anyone defend this?

  6. RonLow Doctors, NURSES and caregivers have been retracting the natural genitals of little boys and otherwise touching them with their hands, fussing and causing problems including CAUSING infections. Natural boys are so easy to clean, just clean like a finger, don’t mess with the sterile package. This is a huge issue in the US as the doctors are creating a self fulfilling prophecy, if you don’t cut your kid, we will mess with his sterile package and by “cleaning” , we will introduce problems, cause an infection and tell you he NEEDS a circumcision. YIKES

  7. In infancy, circumcision can be used as religious and racial hygiene, ethnic cleansing, population control a weapon of mass distruction of sexual functions, by cutting out or not cutting out the frenular delta nerves without the knowledge of the child or his parents.

  8. BenWinkie No medical association endorses routine circumcision. The person with the ethical standing to choose circumcision is the rational informed owner of the genitals.

  9. The decision to slice must belong solely to the owner of the sex organ—not to his parents or his culture or his religion. Coerced and forced circumcision of ALL minors must be banned. Circumcision is a sex crime.

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