Jared Cohen Says Africa Will Lead Technological Innovation


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Over the coming years, Africa will be the source of the world’s best innovations, says Jared Cohen, head of Google Ideas. Cohen addressed delegates at the My World of Tomorrow Conference in Johannesburg this week, TWeb reported.

“The world’s brightest innovation will come from areas where the efficiency of technology use is unlike any other area of the world, ” Cohen explained.

Cohen said the mobile payment solution M-Pesa was an example of innovation for people who had not been involved in banking before. He believes the digitization of our public life will create hybrid communities in which connectivity is the common denominator that facilitates people’s experiences.

He thinks China is a case in point.

“As [China] is among the most populated countries in the world, the growing number of people coming online will create populations that are physically rural but digitally urban.”

According to TWeb, Kenya has, in recent years, experienced a surge in technological innovations and investments, thanks to its links to undersea fibre-optic cable systems from Seacom.


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