Florida Woman Sues over Claims She Became a Jew for Jesus


Jews for Jesus

This isn’t a Seinfeld episode, but at first, this was considered a case “about nothing.” Edith Rapp filed a lawsuit after her stepson Bruce Rapp wrote  in a Jews for Jesus publication that his stepmother had joined the fold and was reciting the “sinner’s prayer.” She is suing Jews for Jesus $500, 000, although the case was thrown out on previous occasions, with Horatio “Harry” Mihet, an attorney with the Orlando-based Liberty Counsel commenting, “The case is really about nothing. It is without merit.”

Jews for Jesus claimed Edith Rapp could not prove that her son’s declaration of her false conversion in 2002 caused her any damage, but the 79 year old Florida resident claimed that the distress over her stepson’s statement caused her “mental damage.” A Florida Supreme Court, twelve years later, has decided the case does indeed have merit, and a hearing is scheduled for October 21.

Edith Rapp, who is Jewish, said her stepson caused her late husband Marty grief with his insistence he convert. Marty Rapp died of Parkinson’s disease in 2003.

“Both my husband and I told Bruce that we were absolutely not interested because to us, Jesus is not part of our religion.


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