Published On: Tue, Sep 9th, 2014

Baden’s Mayor’s Nude Selfie Breeds Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theories

Geri Muller

Geri Muller, the pro-Hamas mayor of the Swiss town of Baden, is embroiled in a sex scandal that has resulted in fresh conspiracy theories against his Jewish opponents. A 33 year old woman who identified herself as N.W. rang the doorbell of Muller’s ex wife and, while making suicide threats, was armed with nude selfies of the Mayor, who lewdly invited her to a sexual encounter.

The scandal in Switzerland, known as Geri-gate has led to accusations that the Jews are behind it all, with allegations that N.W. met with prominent figures in the Swiss Jewish community prior to the revelation. Baden Jewish community president, Josef Bollag and Sacha Wigdorovits were accused of coaching N.W. to get revenge against the Mayor’s support of Hamas. Wigdorovits and Bollag admitted that they were approached by N.W., but said they referred her to third parties.

selfie 2

Wigdorovits, who had previously denied meeting N.W., admitted, “She asked me whether I could approach more people on her behalf, but I didn’t want to get involved and I made it clear to her. I did not initiate any campaign against Muller.”

In 2010, Muller went to the Gaza strip and posed for a photo with Hamas minister Ismail Haniyeh. He also had another selfie snapped with Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri. Muller is involved in the Council for European Palestinian Relations, which Israeli officials says is a Hamas front organization. Muller got in a tangle with Bollag when he compared Israelis to the Nazis in their dealings with Palestinians, and reportedly commented that Muller is turning the area into a haven for radical Islamists and anti-Semites.

Les Temps called Geri-gate the work of a “political cabal.” Muller says he was given death threats and claimed he had to escape to the Alps. Yves Kugelmann, editor of the Jewish weekly Tachles said the Mayor’s sex scandal “mutated at once into a platform for conspiracy theories against Jews … It shows how actions from players in the Jewish community have little or anything to do with the community and its wishes.” Kugelmann lamented that if the Jewish community wanted to criticize Muller’s position on Hamas, there were many legitimate ways to do so.”

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