Published On: Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014

Anonymous to Join Hamas, FAA, in Attacking Israel

The dubious hacker outfit wants Israelis to “feel fear tingling in their servers.”

The hacker collective known as Anonymous has announced it, too, will attack the belligerent Israel, by launching cyber-attacks this Friday against the Israeli government, Mother Jones reports.

This will be the extreme left-wing organization’s retaliation for Israel’s daring to employ its military in defending its civilians against rockets from Gaza.

The Anonymous attack will bolster an already raging wave of cyber assaults staged in recent weeks by hackers, mostly from the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, otherwise known as “OpSaveGaza.”

In the past, an Anonymous-backed campaign targeting Israeli government websites succeeded in temporarily taking down the sites of the Israeli defense ministry and the Tel Aviv police department. Those are mostly denial of service attacks, placing large volume demand on a server to cause it to crash. The IT response is to block the offending IP.

Anonymous has been launching cyber-attacks against the Jewish state for several years, with unimpressive results.

An Anonymous spokesperson, using the Twitter handle @YourAnonCentral, admitted to Mother Jones there has never been any Anonymous action against Palestinian targets, including Hamas, which engages in indiscriminate shooting of rockets against Israeli civilians, Jews and Arabs alike.

The International Business Times reported last week that “numerous Israeli government homepages have been replaced by graphics, slogans, and auto-playing audio files.”

On Monday, hackers disseminated a list of log-in details which they claim would open up Israeli government websites.

A group calling itself “AnonGhost” told Mother Jones they are the real enemies of Israeli computers. “Anonymous are kids, we are their fathers in the cyber, ” their representative said about their really dangerous 28-person group. “We avoid teams, we prefer to do it in our own way.”

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