Multi Product Developing Israeli High Tech Firm iBario Is Ready For The Big Leagues


On line games, Apps, Software, retail and more, global internet marketing company iBario specializes in monetizing it.

One of the keys to success in the business world is diversification. Many large companies will invest in firms in unrelated fields. Some businesses, such as software companies, will try and develop a variety of programs when they are first starting out to increase their chances of success.

Founded in 2010 by Emil Paz, Yefi Gureni, Felix Leshno, Pavel Sandler and Mike Peters, iBario is a model of product diversification. It has created brands in such varied fields as software, cooking, retail, on line gaming and file sharing. The owners are now ready to actively promote their company and pursue investments.

With 60 employees, iBario had $90 million in gross revenue and an estimated net of $10 million last year. Its largest money maker is a free software installation engine, InstallBrain, which is estimated to have generated half of the company’s revenue in the past.

InstallBrain is a software as a service which allows companies to offer consumers easier to use installations of their software.

Haim Shani and Moshe Lichtman’s Israel Growth Partners is interested in acquiring a 25% stake in iBaro, which is currently valued at up to $150 million. Founded just a few months ago, IGP has $250 million at its disposal provided by its two main backers Bank Leumi and Clal Insurance.


A former director general of Israel’s Ministry of Finance, Haim Shani is the CEO of Unitronics and a founding partner in IGP. Moshe Lichtman, its other founding partner, was once a vice president with Microsoft and a president of its R&D department in Israel.

One of the groups in iBario, RevenueHits, was founded by its CEO Emil Paz and Yefi Gureni in 2008. Formerly a finance officer with Intel, Paz oversees iBarios development and monetization deals. RevenueHits uses contextual and geo targeted programmatic as serving technology to help publishers generate revenues. It boasts an innovative performance base ad network designed to help publishers monetize online assets, including websites and IM applications.

In an interview, Paz told Calcalist, “As a strategy, we are entering some highly competitive fields, where we have identified an interesting business activity going on. Using our technological capability and marketing strategy, we can move on into these markets in no time, whether under our own brand or by offering a product sold in turn under other brands.”

Gureni previously worked as a development manager at SAP Labs and led software development at Harmonycom. He currently overseas all of iBarios’ operations and traffic deals. The two first met as students at the famed Technion in Haifa.

“There is something in working for large companies like SAP or Intel that makes you think like a big company as you are building your own company, ” Gureni told Calcalist. “In SAP, which is a German company, we built products that must never break down. Those products had to serve utility companies, for instance, electric companies, and they thus had to be 100% reliable and withstand breakage, even if hit by a missile. Clearly, our success derives, at least in part, from this way of thinking, which we adopted at the time.”

Felix Leshno is in charge of all of their marketing and new York investor Mike Peters overseas new business development and automation. Peters is an investor and board member in Revenue Hits.

Leshno and Peters were instrumental in getting iBario to focus more on developing its own products, such as video games, instead of helping other companies promote themselves.

One of iBario’s many companies is ZuluGames, which offers a wide variety of on line games. Then there is which lets users get explanations on the various file types. is a retail web site.



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