Published On: Sun, Apr 20th, 2014

Pavel Khodorkovsky standing on his own two feet in the world of Green Energy

New York-based Pavel, son of former  Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is making his presence felt in the world of energy conservation with Enertiv.

Pasha and Mickhail Khodorkovsky

It is always difficult to follow in the footsteps of a successful father, and that is what Pavel Khodorkovskiy has done, successfully too.

Pavel’s father Mikhail Khodorkovsky was once of Russia’s most successful businessmen.  At the height of his powers he was arrested and imprisoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin for political reasons and charged with corruption and tax evasion, .

Pavel studied business administration at the exclusive Babson College,  in Wellesley, Massachusetts, which  is known for developing the entrepreneurial skills of its students.  It was there that the younger  Khodorkovsky, now 28,  met  Connell McGill Jr.

The two co founded Enertiv, an energy conservation company that offers a device which monitors the energy consumption in buildings in real time.  It informs the building’s owner and/or superintendents if and when any lights or electrical devices, such as air conditioners,  are still operating after working hours.   It can also detect malfunctions in different systems, such as when a motor is not working properly and therefore drains more electricity.

Enertiv provides the information  in a user friendly format, allowing clients to access the current status of their energy usage on line.

The Enertiv software platform lets building owners or managing superintendents measure performance levels from an individual piece of equipment,  an office suite, a  single building and even an entire portfolio of properties, thanks to the advanced algorithms developed by the company.

Enertiv: (L-R) Connell McGill Jr. ,    Pavel Khodorkovskiy

In a recent interview  Pavel Khodorkovsky  was quoted as saying that the Enertiv  system has proved to be popular among  property owners and operators through its ability to pinpoint each energy inefficient behavior with simple language in real-time.

Enertiv  also works with their clients to incentivize, to maximize savings through competition.” Khodorkovsky summed up.

For the future, Enertiv anticipates that they will soon be ready to complete their first round of seed funding, in which they hope to raise between $500, 000 and $750, 000, with reports in the industry stating that there appears to be no shortage of potential investors

Pavel left Russia in 2003, after his father’s arrest, for what he describes as a self imposed exile in the  United States.  Mikhail Khodorkovskiy, the former head of Yukos Oil, who was once estimated at having a personal fortune of more  than $15 billion, is now worth approximately $200 million and currently lives in Switzerland.

Apart from his business activities Pavel Khodorkovsky also acts as President of the Institute of Modern Russia ( IMR), a non profit and non partisan public policy organization, which  works to foster democracy and human rights in Russia.


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