Published On: Thu, Oct 10th, 2013

Adam Marchick Receives $2 Million In Funding For Kahuna

Marchick, Kahuna’s co-founder and CEO wants to use the money to help mobile application developers keep track of their product after download.

Adam Marchick

Adam Marchick has come up with some disturbing information that many people in the mobile business already feared, but didn’t really want to know- that nine out of ten all mobile installations do not earn any form of financial return.

That’s the reason why Marchick’s company Kahuna is in the process of launching a next generation consumer engagement engine, capable of advising these brave young men and women who invest both  their time and money in developing mobile applications and have simply no way of knowing, once these applications have been installed on Smartphones and tablets, how many active users they have succeeded in drawing.

According to Adam Marchick the next generation of mobile application developers will be looking for some software that will enable them to know what happens to their application once it has been installed. Instead of cutting the virtual umbilical cord after their application has been uploaded, they will now be able to keep track of its performance and improve it if need be.

In order to help application developers garner this invaluable information, Marchick has succeeded in conscripting by $2 million in funding, thanks to help from some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, including Tim Kendall of and Lee Linden of Facebook.

On announcing the funding, Marchick recalls his experience when he was a member of the Facebook growth team where they learn to develop formulas that not only increased membership considerably but succeeded in retaining them.

Now, Kahuna wants to create the same situation for application developers and in order to do so have created what Adam Marchick feels is the first of a kind example of what a customer engagement engine will be and how it should perform. An engine that not only understands user behavior but is also capable of committing marketing campaigns to increase usage as well as income for mobile apps.

In order to achieve a clear picture of what the customer engagement engine is capable of producing Adam Marchick and his colleagues at Kahuna has been testing their engine among a cross-section to application development companies during the course of the last year, and have succeeded in helping them generate an average of 20% percent growth in client purchases.

Achieving this considerable success, explained Marchick involved digesting digest millions of user behaviors, and using information gathered to produce and analyze real-time engagement maps of every single person using both mobile and the Web to log into the applications being tested. “Through that often long and laborious process, the researchers succeeded in uncovering huge opportunities to increase engagement. “ Marchick further explained.

Adam Marchick also recalls that when Kahuna was being established, company management interviewed some of the best growth marketers in the world.

Although the initial purpose of these interviews was to learn the secrets of their success,  Marchick and his partners soon  discovered that when they demonstrated how the customer engagement engine operates, all of them, without exception, and without being canvassed in any way, stated their intention to make personal investments in the company.

With the launch of the Kahuna customer engagement engine imminent, those who use it can do so in the knowledge that they will be allowed access to viable marketing information as well as pre-built campaign templates that have been generated by some of the most experienced and talented marketers in the online marketing business.


Adam Marchick graduated with a bachelor science degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, becoming to gain his Masters at the Stanford business school a few years later.

After graduating, Adam walks in the Engineering and Product development departments at Oracle  and  Facebook among others, later joining venture capitalists Menlo Ventures and eventually Bain Capital Ventures before founding Kahuna.

Adam Marchick has also involved in the creation of the Glow Foundation, a non-profit organization in 2006. The glow foundation provides financial education with the aim of improving their financial literacy to thousands of college-ready students in the United States.


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