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Boeing Bids Farewell To The 747 Jumbo Jet

Generations of Jews flew to Israel on the 747.

Google Completes $2.1 Billion Fitbit Takeover

The acquisition went through once the EU approved.

Biond Biologics and Sanofi Enter into Global Licensing Agreement Worth $1 Billion

The Israeli biopharmaceutical company is developing novel immunotherapies for cancer

Sacha Baron Cohen Hails Donald Trump Social Media Bans

“When leaders lie, people die--as we saw again this week,” he said.

Why Digital Coupons Are So Important For Buyers In 2021

By Contributing Author Unfortunately in the year 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic is still very much a real thing. With economic deterioration, consumers have had to...

What if you don’t trust the judgment of the president whose finger is over the nuclear button?

by Louis René Beres/ 2016  A Trump presidency may seem increasingly improbable, but it also still remains conceivable. This means, among other things, that President Trump...

Google Play Suspends Conservative Social Media App Parler

Google is also in trouble for a plan to block third party cookies on Chrome.

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