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Dr. Rachel Levine to Be First Transgender Cabinet Secretary

She is the current Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Biden’s inauguration: D.C. Troop Levels Five Times As High As Iraq & Afghanistan

On January 06, a mob of Trump supporters were able to overwhelm police and storm the U.S. Capitol, resulting in the deaths of five...

Joe Biden’s Jewish Cabinet

At least 10 have been nominated to key positions. Five of the twenty-two cabinet-level positions will be held by Jews.

Elon Musk Tweet Helps Promote Israeli Robotics Startup BionicHIVE

BionicHIVE is developing an automatic warehouse solution based on a fleet of synchronized robots that can be retrofitted onto existing warehouses

Helsinki Committee: Israel government, Pfizer lead illegal experiment on humans, Report

The contract signed between the Israeli government and Pfizer shows clearly and unequivocally that this is a clinical study on humans - The agreement is attached

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz Asked By China to Aid American Chinese Relations

The request came in a personal letter from China’s President Xi Jinping.

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