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Voters Shift Opinions to Align with Political Party Leader Positions, Study

Research unravel the mystery of voting behavior, including why people vote in seemingly unpredictable or illogical ways even on issues that are against personal preferences

Attending the “Best” High School May Yield Benefits and Risks for Students

It’s Not Only Who You Are but Who You Are With: High School Composition and Individuals’ Attainment Over the Life Course

Smaller Plates Don’t Help You Eat Less When You’re Hungry, Study

The first study by researchers at Ben-Gurion University debunk old weight-loss diet theory about how the plate size affects the relative perception of food

Some Men Feel Emptiness and Sadness Following Sex, Study

41 percent of the men participants reported experiencing sadness following sex in their lifetime. 20 percent reporting they had experienced it in the previous four weeks.

Depression, anxiety speed up brain aging, Study

In order to safeguard brain function in later life, we need to provide robust support services to people experiencing depression and anxiety, psychologists say

Want To Know Where to Find Happiness in Your Area?

The emotion maps found, for example, high levels of anger in public transportation stations; anger and sadness in high schools, and anxiety on university campuses,

Women’s preference for masculine faces not linked to hormones, Study

"We found no evidence that changes in hormone levels influence the type of men women find attractive," said lead searcher of the University of Glasgow, UK

Childhood Friendships May Have Some Health Benefits in Adulthood

  Childhood Friendships is associated with physical health in adulthood, according to data from a multi-decade study of men. Published in Psychological Science, the findings show that boys who spent more time...

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