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Putin’s son-in-law received $380 million worth of holdings – for only $100

Kirill Shamalov made the investment mere months after marrying Katerina Tikhonova Putin.

Are Biden and Erdogan on a collision course?

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, may well find that his increasingly aggressive foreign policies ‒ headstrong behavior that President Donald Trump condoned ‒ may be met with resistance from a Biden administration.

George Soros Has New Ideas On How The EU Should Handle Its Covid Recovery

And American diplomats defended George Soros against anti-Semitic slanders from the Hungarian government.

Israeli Tech Used By Spanish Royal Family To Clear Air of Covid-19

A study found that the Israeli tech kills 99.9% of virus in the air, including the Corona Virus. And there is portable pesonal version too.

Scotland First Nation to Provide Free “Period Products”

Scotland takes he lead in women's health.

Turkey & Israel discover the potential to collaborate in High-tech

While Israeli entrepreneurs are seeking business opportunities in the US, China, Europe, and now also in UAE, a new and interesting country emerges in...

Israel in the post-Brexit world of CANZUK

“Brexit”, a portmanteau term invented in 2012, become common usage the world over.  Since then a new expression has been bidding for its place – CANZUK.

Is Vladimir Putin Stepping Down?

Vladimir Putin is rumored to have Parkinson's disease.

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