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Israeli Founded Fintech Startup Curve Looks to Enter U.S. Market

The company just raised $95 million to do just that.

Beny Steinmetz Corruption Trial in Switzerland Gets Underway – Sparks Fly

The Steinmetz trial is over a mining deal in Guinea.

Israel seeks reconciliation with Turkey

by Neville Teller             Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been expressing his desire for a reconciliation with Israel ‒ clearly, a ploy designed to...

Missing 5,000 Year Old Piece of Great Pyramid Found In Scotland

The find could help researchers learn more about the pyramids.

Oxford University: Carbon Dioxide Could Be Turned Into Jet Fuel

Will we soon be able to turn pollutants into fuel?

French Army Developing Robot Soldiers

The super soldiers that can resist pain, stay awake longer and have boosted brain power and hearing.

Dutch Court Rejects Lewenstein Family Bid for Return of Kadinsky “Painting with Houses”

The Lewenstein Family maintains that the Kadinsky “Painting with Houses” was looted during World War II.

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