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Facebook In Trouble For Exempting Trump Supporters From Fake News Rules

Social media network Facebook had promised to crack down on all misinformation.

Now Instagram Is Making Changes Removing “Recent” Tab

As with its parent company Facebook, Instagram is trying to prevent elections interference in 2020.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Vote Campaign Registers 4.4 Million Voters

It I not so clear, however, if Mark Zuckerberg is pushing for a specific candidate.

Facebook Goes After NYU For Using Its Data

Its Facebook VS New York University and other colleges.

Facebook Is Transforming WhatsApp, Adding WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp will charge businesses and allow for more commercial activity.

Instagram Introduces New App – Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite was Developed In Tel Aviv.

Instagram VS British “Influencers”

Social media platform Instagram is cracking down on hidden advertising.

Tik Tok Bans Israel Extermist Group Lehava

Lehava is a fringe group that follows the doctrines of Meir Kahane.

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