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Coronavirus-triggered recession will change how we live, do business and invest

Green: "We can expect this recession to be deep but short. The slowdown will be temporary because it’s not caused by deep-rooted problems and imbalances in the economy.

Global market sell-off will ease with some investors set to ‘make a fortune’

“All assets - even safe-haven ones such as gold and Treasuries - were being shed in order to shore up cash reserves to meet margin requirements. This was a temporary phenomenon," says deVere CEO, Nigel Green 

Step by step: How does the Coronavirus takes over the human body

This is how the infectious Coronavirus spreads at a dizzying pace in the world - and thus it takes over the human body

Australia sues Facebook for $529 billion

The Australian government sues Facebook for allegedly violating its privacy laws by selling personal information to Cambridge Analytica.

15 MILLION People will Die from Coronavirus In First Year, study predicts

Research by Australian National University claimes in the worst case, the global death toll could reach a 68 million and deep recessions

Coronavirus-fuelled short recession risk, investors urged to take action

The deVere CEO says: “Coronavirus has shifted the landscape. Investors are urged to review their portfolios to ensure that they are still on track to create, build and generate wealth.”

Coronavirus: OECD Slashes Forecast for World Economy; Chinese Manufacturing Plummets

While it’s too early to gauge the full economic fallout of the coronavirus outbreak, the OECD has already slashed its growth forecast for the world economy

Coronavirus: Israeli Doctors Volunteer to give medical instruction to people under isolation worldwide

The Israeli organization Innonation has launched a social project that provides interactive medical instruction by doctors from the largest hospitals in Israel via video to people affected by the Coronavirus.

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