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U.S. Government Warns American Businesses to Avoid China Data Services and Tech Firms

The U.S. warning against China comes from its Department of Homeland Security.

Nuclear Challenges from Pyongyang: Preparing Joe Biden for the Next Chapter

 Prof. Louis René Beres “For by wise counsel thou shall make thy war….”-Proverbs, 24/6 Understanding the Present Moment Incoming US President Joseph Biden faces both direct and...

2020 Tokyo Olympics to Go Ahead in 2021 in “Best-Ever Prepared Olympic City”

Michael Phelps is not so sure that the 2020 Tokyo Games will be clean.

Japanese Libraries Add UV Light Book Sterilization Machines for Covid-19

If you take books out of a Japanese library Covid-19 might not be a problem.

Israel to Sign Free Trade Agreement with South Korea

South Korean goods from companies like Samsung and Hyundai are found all over Israel.

Blackstone Buys $1 Billion Japanese Portfolio

The Japanese deal covers 18 different properties, including office buildings, commercial facilities, and rental condominiums.

China’s Digital Yuan Can Now Be Spent

The digital Yuan could be a game changer.

Are Biden and Erdogan on a collision course?

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, may well find that his increasingly aggressive foreign policies ‒ headstrong behavior that President Donald Trump condoned ‒ may be met with resistance from a Biden administration.

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