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Jewish Business News On Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Zebra stripes not for camouflage, new study finds

If you’ve always thought of a zebra’s stripes as offering some type of camouflaging protection against predators, it’s time to think again, suggest scientists at the University of Calgary More...

Jewish Business News On Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Zebras’ stripes ‘do not protect them from predators’

Is the age old mystery of why Zebras have stripes as such distinctive markings is solved? Not yet. Stripes might not offer protection for animals living in groups, such as zebra, as previously thought, More...

Jewish Business News On Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Why do zebras have stripes?

One of nature’s fascinating questions is how zebras got their stripes. A team of life scientists led by UCLA’s Brenda Larison has found at least part of the answer: The amount and intensity of striping More...

animel, Image
Jewish Business News On Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Scientists solve the riddle of zebras’ stripes

– – Why zebras have black and white stripes is a question that has intrigued scientists and spectators for centuries. A research team led by the University of California, Davis, has now examined More...

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