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Anti Netanyahu protests: Facebook Israel CEO’s father Killed by car hit

Sofer "demonstrated every week for the democracy and the country he loved so much," the fanily said

Anti-Netanyahu Protests Growing: More Than 40,000 People Demonstrated on Saturday Night

More than 40,000 demonstrated in Jerusalem, 16 arrested for "public disorder" 15,000 protested in front of the prime minister's residence.

Anti-Netanyahu Protests: Thirty arrested and three policemen were injured in clashes in Jerusalem

In the ninth week of Anti-Netanyahu Protests, police and demonstrators clashed in Paris Square near the prime minister's residence. Dozens were forcibly dragged and arrested.

Anti-Netanyahu protests Continue to grow

As they do for weeks, thousands of protesters flocked to Balfour street in Jerusalem on Saturday night, near the official residence of Prime Minister...

Anti-Netanyahu protests: Israel protests gain strength 12 arrested

Amid anger at his handling of the virus crisis and corruption against the Israeli leader, thousands gathered in central Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, his beach house where he was hiding.

Anti-Netanyahu protests heat up: 10 Pro-Netanyahu La Familia gang arrested

Thousands protest outside prime minister's residence say they 'will not let Netanyahu burn this country down'; La Familia gang blamed for attacks and riots

Clashes and 12 arrested in the largest Anti-Netanyahu Protests

Right-party supporters become violent against anti-Netanyahu protests, in the largest demonstrations across the country.

A wave of protests: clashes, arrests and marches in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Protester attacked an officer in Jerusalem and 6 demonstrators accused of damaging property in Tel Aviv during really; 28 people arrests at two locations

U.S. Protests: Which States Have Deployed The National Guard?

As protests continue across the United States, the National Guard has been activated in 23 states to support local law enforcement. 17,000 members had...
Credit: screen shot from Walla.co.il

US Protests spread nationwide despite the curfew

Trump sends 1,600 troops to the capital: "They are on alert." Poll: 64% of Americans support the protest, 55% dissatisfied with the president