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Noa Kirel Tries for Breakout with English Single — ‘Please Don’t Suck’

Noa Kirel Please Don’t Suck

Noa Kirel is a huge pop star in Israel. Now the 20 year old is trying to make it big internationally too with a new English song “Please Don’t Suck.” So will Noa Kirel succeed where so many others have failed?

You have definitely heard of Gal Gadot, the Israeli movie star who pays Wonder Woman. She is basically the first Israeli celebrity to find such international success. And then there is Bar Refaeli. She became a world star, but only for showing off her body as a model and for dating Leonardo DiCaprio. In Israel, however, Refaeli is not so well liked as she is considered a draft dodger and was recently convicted on charges of tax evasion.

But have you heard of Aki Avni? How about Noa Tishbi? Or Sandi Bar? Probably not! These are all Israeli stars who once tried to make it in Hollywood, only to return to Israel defeated. Noa Tishbi even went so far as to learn how to dump her Israeli accent and, like Noa Kirel, Tishbi even once released a pop single in English.

But Noa Tishbi is an actress, not a singer. Noa Krel is a singer and at only 20 years of age she has plenty of time ahead of her to try and make it big. Unlike Bar Refaeli, Noa Kirel did fulfill her civic obligation and performed full military service in Israel. She is currently seen just about all of the time on Israeli television in a new ad campaign for the Israeli satellite TV service Yes.

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Noa Kirel started out as a child star. She had her first hit single at the age of 14 with the single “Medabrim.” She later served as a judge on Israel’s version of America’s Got Talent called “Israel’s Got Talent.”

Now Noa Kirel is not just performing in English to expand her appeal, but she is also going the racy route as teen stars like Miley Cyrus and Christine Aguilera did when trying to shed their “nice girl” images. The lyrics of the song include, “Please don’t suck . . . Think I might fall in love, so baby don’t f**k this up.” But in the music video Kirel at least is a lot more covered up than singers like Megan Thee Stallion and Cyrus tend to be. However, Kirel does make a few provocative poses while sucking on a lollipop.

Noa Kirel has already gone the naughty route in her past music videos, though. She was highly criticized for how she dressed in her 2015 video for the song “Killer.” She spoke about this in an interview with Variety.

When asked if she chose to wear the outfit in that video, Noa Kirel said, “Yes. I have to be. And I think you can see it on the screen, you know? If somebody tells me to do [something], you will see it that it’s not authentic to your audience. They know everything — that is one of the things that I learned during this year.”

On how Israeli TV shows like Fauda have been making their mark around the world in recent years and why she is now singing in English, Noa Kirel explained, “Israel is a very small country and development happened very slowly. Now there are so many talented people here — actors, singers, everything — and it feels like the right time for an Israeli artist to break through. Of course, I’m talking about myself. [Laughs] I feel like this is the right time for me to do it and to represent Israel in a different way.”

So will Noa Kirel be the next big international sensation like Britney Spears, or the Spice Girls Were before her? Or will she be the next big flop? Who knows? All anyone can do is wish Noa Kirel luck.

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