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AnyVision Raises $235 Million for Facial Recognition Tech

Israeli startup AnyVision is a facial recognition AI company. AnyVision has brought in an investment of $235 million from SoftBank Vision Fund 2i and Eldridge with further participation from existing investors. The technology can be used in security and defense.

Facial recognition as a technology is highly controversial. Governments love it because it makes law enforcement much easier. With closed caption video camera popping up everywhere these day, AI facial recognition tech can help police more easily identify the people caught in videos which are not all that clear. The technology is also used in major public places, like airports, where it cab scan faces in a crowd to spot possible wanted criminals or terrorists.

But civil liberties groups hate it. They argue that the technology is ripe for abuse by governments who wish to spy on their own citizens. They see this is bringing the world one step closer to Big Brother, with hidden cameras monitoring every move that we make at all times.

AnyVision, for its part, argues that its tech helps aid in physical security. AnyVision sates that the company is pioneering new data privacy measures that not only comply with privacy regulations, but also equip enterprise customers with necessary tools to address their evolving privacy needs, including bystander blurring, dynamic data retention times, and limits to the storing of data for individuals not listed within an organization’s watchlist.

Founded in 2015, AnyVision is a visual AI platform company. The company boasts that tier-1 brands use their “cutting-edge technology to create trusted, seamless experiences for their customers and employees.” AnyVision says that their solutions are built to function on any sensor, with any resolution and are “proven to operate with the highest accuracy in real-time and real-world scenarios.”

“We bring together the best and brightest minds in AI, deep learning and computer vision to make the world a safer, more intuitive and more connected place.”

“AnyVision’s innovations in Recognition AI helped transform passive cameras into proactive security systems and empowered organizations take a more holistic view to advanced security threats,” said AnyVision’s CEO Avi Golan. “The Access Point AI platform is designed to protect people, places, and privacy while simultaneously reducing costs, power, bandwidth, and operational complexity.”

AnyVision’s main offering is the company’s Access Point AI platform. AnyVision explains that this platform leverages a number of state-of-the-art technologies including computer vision, machine learning, liveness detection and biometrics to help protect an organization’s physical access points. By identifying authorized personnel and persons of interest in real-time — whether VIPs or bad actors — modern enterprises can layer in additional operational insights to streamline the customer experience. Access Point AI is being used to optimize touchless access control, video surveillance, and watchlist alerting. “This same platform will drive operational insights including occupancy analytics, people counting, and dwell times as well as flag potentially dangerous behavior.”

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