Agtech Startup Supplant Offers Sensor-Less Irrigation Tech

Supplant just raised $10 million.

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Supplant is an Israeli agtech startup offering precision agriculture hardware-software solutions. Supplant has brought in $10 million in a fundraising round co-led by Boresight Capital, Menomadin Foundation, Smart-Agro Fund, and Mivtah Shamir. The company will use the new funding to accelerate its sensor-less irrigation API product. Supllant’s total funding to date comes to more than $19 million.

The world is getting hotter and suffering from drought more than ever. This has led to increased drilling for underground water sources, which in turn leaves soil less arable. Regional fresh water supplies are also becoming more brackish. As a result of all of this, every drop counts. So companies like Supplant are offering new ways to ensure that no fresh water gets wasted.

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Founded in 2012, SupPlant is a software company that relies on in-field hardware to collect and generate valuable data. SupPlant is constantly developing and updating its sensors and transmission units in order to keep data accurately and continuously flowing into SupPlant’s system. Supplant declares its mission is to equip “Farmers and Agri-businesses managing their WATER CHALLENGES with the most relevant and powering actionable agronomic insights.” The company says that it does so by changing the basic concept of irrigation methods, based on the plant’s current necessities, our unique technology has proven to save water on global scales and improve productivity and yields.

Combining Big-Data accumulated over the years with real-time data collected from a vast variety of hardware sensors, expert agronomists and a unique algorithm, boasts Supplant, the company can provide high resolution, real-time and forecasted insights and irrigation commands for an accurate irrigation regime and practices, insuring healthy and robust harvests with the optimum water usage that builds their resilience through time.

SupPlant’s sensors are placed at five locations: the fruit, leaf, and stem/trunk of the plant, as well as in deep and shallow soil. These sensors monitor plant stress, plant and fruit growth patterns, real-time and forecasted weather conditions, and soil water content.

Supplant (PR Pic)

SupPlant uses a proprietary dataset created from Big Data collected over 1500 growing seasons. This data is combined with your plants’ data and fed into SupPlant’s unique agronomist-supported algorithm, which yields high resolution, real-time, and forecasted insights and irrigation recommendations. This, declares Supplant, ensures healthy and robust harvests with optimal water usage.

“The funds raised in this round will allow us to speed up implementation of our new development – a fully sensor-less industry-defining irrigation regime. It is far superior from any common practice available and is built for the vast majority of farmers on earth – smallholders that can’t afford access to hardware intense technology and unique knowledge,” said Ori Ben Ner, CEO of SupPlant. “We already have strategic and disruptive agreements in place with global leaders that will allow us to reach millions of farmers in the upcoming year with this new and exciting technology.”

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