Published On: Wed, Jan 6th, 2021

Mark Cuban to Run for President

That is if Bitcoin breaks $1 million.

Mark Cuban has said that he will run for President of the United States should Bitcoin ever break $1 million in value. The remarks came as the cryptocurrency broke the $35,000 mark for the first time hitting $35,751.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks tweeted, “I’ll run if BTC gets to $1m AND we can get commitments to donate 350 BTC to the Treasury each of the 4 yrs so that we can give 1 satoshi to every citizen each yr, that they must hold for 10 years.”

This fits in with his plan to help Americans during these tough economic times caused by the Corona Virus shutdown. Mark Cuban thinks that the government should give every American household a $1,000 check every two weeks, or $26,000 per year.

Mark Cuban has never been a fan of cryptocurrencies. Cuban sees it as a fad with no intrinsic value. He once told Forbes, “It’s a store of value like gold that is more religion than solution to any problem. No matter how much BTC fans want to pretend that it’s a hedge against doomsday scenarios, it is not.”

Other prominent Jewish investors who frown on Bitcoin include Carl Icahn who once called cryptocurrencies ridiculous.

And the real estate mogul Zam Zell also sees it as a house of cards based on false beliefs. He told Business Insider, “I am very skeptical, frankly, of bitcoin. Ultimately, it may be the answer or one of the answers. But right now, it’s a world that’s extraordinarily populated by chameleons and other fast-talking characters. I don’t believe everybody involved in it are the kind of people I’d like to follow.”

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