Published On: Tue, Dec 29th, 2020

Israeli CanBreed Developed world’s first stable and uniform Cannabis hybrid seeds

CanBreed plans to start marketing the seeds during the first half of 2021.
Ido Margalit CanBreed Website
Ido Margalit, CanBreed, CEO

Israeli Cannabis startup CanBreed has announced that it has completed the development of the world’s first stable and uniform Cannabis hybrid seeds. CanBreed plans to start marketing the seeds during the first half of 2021.

The company’s solution helping the Cannabis industry to uniform and standardize the absence of genetic stability in Cannabis plants among growers.

The main cause of the lack of standardization is that the raw material extracted from Cannabis plants grown from cuttings is not reproducible.

Most agricultural crops are grown from homozygous parental lines that are 100% genetically stable. Tomato, corn, watermelon, are grown from stable seeds that ensuring genetic uniformity.

Cannabis plants are relied on cloning, using cuttings from mother plants to ensure genetic identity between offspring and mother plants.

Unfortunately, cloning does not prevent the aging of the mother plants, because mother plants accumulate aging-related mutations and changes in the genome that cause differences in the chemical profile of the plant.

This is the reason why despite being genetically identical, the chemical profile of offspring differs from those of the young mother plants.

It took CanBreed three years to complete the development of the first uniform homozygous (100% stable) Cannabis parental lines.

These stable seeds will ensure the reproducibility and standardization of the material for the Cannabis industry. Meaning that all the resultant seeds will have the same DNA (identical twins). These seeds are known in the seed industry as F1 Hybrid seeds will always result in plants identical to each other.

Founded in 2017 by Ido Margalit and Tal Sherman, CanBreed secures patent for editing medical cannabis seeds. The company operating one of the largest R&D Center and a seed trialing and production facility in the country.

The company announced recently that it had purchased a 3.5-acre farm in San Diego county in California. The farm’s initial output is expected to be about 12.5 million seeds annually, which will subsequently increase to about 50 million seeds annually.

Ido Margalit, CanBreed CEO said: “The company’s achievement positions the company at the forefront of this emerging industry that will provide a solution to a huge global potential market of Cannabis and Hemp seeds, estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars a year”.

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