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Mark Cuban Predicts an American 2.0 After Corona Virus Pandemic Ends

Mark Cuban also talked about the whole Lebron James vs Michael Jordan controversy.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban expects that a very different America will come out of the whole Corona Virus disaster. As reported by CNBC, the Dallas Mavericks owner is looking to an America version 2.0 after the Covid-19 crisis ends, whenever that will be.

The comments came during a Q&A session on the Corona Virus crisis held at the George W. Bush Center on Oct. 21.

“My dad always said that you don’t live in the world you were born into, and that’s not going to change. The rate of change is only going to accelerate,” said Mark Cuban.

“We’re seeing businesses move toward online. We’re seeing more people work at home. We’re seeing people having to deal with health care issues with uncertainty. It’s up to entrepreneurs to find solutions to those issues,” he said. “That, to me, is America 2.0.”

Well America, indeed the entire world, has been moving toward an Internet based economy for years now. Traditional brick and mortar stores have given way to on line retailers like Amazon, EBay and now Alibaba. Mom and Pop stores must now offer their wares for sale through one of the major Internet players just to stay in business.

Mark Cuban also expects that offices will never be the same again with people working more and more from home. This is also something that the world was already moving to before the Corona Virus pandemic. Globalization combined with constant advancement in telecommunications tech has meant that people located in different parts of the world are more often working together on the same projects.

And Mark Cuban predicts that people will engage in much less air travel in the future too.

Meanwhile Mark Cuban made an interesting comparison between the basketball skills of Michael Jordan and Lebron James. People lately have been calling Lebron James the greatest NBA player of all time, supplanting Michael Jordan.

Well Cuban feels that the two players offer different skills saying, “If I want a killer who can make the shot at the end of the game, I want MJ. If I want someone who will make everyone on the team better, I want LeBron.”

He jokingly said that if he needed to choose one to play for his team, “Well seeing as MJ’s like 60 years old I’ll choose LeBron.”

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