Raziel Therapeutics Seals $74 Million Deal For Double chin Treatment With China



Israeli pharmaceutical company Raziel Therapeutics signed a $74 million licensing deal with China’s Fosun Pharma. Raziel Therapeutics finds ways to reduce body fat by using the body’s natural healing mechanism. The company develops a product which kills fat cells when injected into subcutaneous fat.

The new product specifically solves the problem with submental fullness, better known as a double-chin. But if this works it could also someday – maybe – be used for general body fat.

Imagine that! No more dieting or counting calories. Someday soon they will be able to somehow dissolve the fat cells in our bodies and the hope is that once gone the body will not produce new fat cells. They say that it is especially hard to keep weight off or even take it off after having been fat in youth. This is because the body creates more fat cells when a person is fat when young and those cells stick around for life.

While everyone is talking about Covid-19, cybersecurity and new peace deals between Israel and the Arab world, Israelis are finding ways to “cure” obesity. Leave it to Startup Nation to surprise the world.

“Fosun Pharma is one of the leading healthcare companies in China, with expertise and access to both the aesthetic and therapeutic markets. We see Fosun Pharma as an ideal partner to commercialize RZL-012 in the fast-growing aesthetic Chinese market, said Alon Bloomenfeld, president and chief executive officer at Raziel Therapeutics. Fosun Pharma already has a growing portfolio of products in facial aesthetics, the field in which we plan to gain the first approval for RZL-012. We look forward to working with the Fosun Pharma team on the clinical, regulatory and commercial pathways to introduce RZL-012 to this important, developing geography.”

“We are pleased to partner with Raziel to bring a truly next-generation fat-melting injectable to China,” said Mr. Wu Yifang President and CEO of Fosun Pharma, “The collaboration will enrich Fosun Pharma’s pipeline in the field of Medical Cosmetology and provide more options for the unmet clinical needs of the market.”

photo: Allgo an app for plus size people / Unsplash


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