Israeli company V2X Autotalks to save lives on the roads in Texas, Hawaii


Autotalks is Connecting Vehicles in China with V2X

Israel-based Autotalks, which specializes in Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication solutions, has teamed up with Applied Information, an Atlanta-based provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure solutions, to save lives on the roads.

The cooperation between the two companies aims to carry out the world’s first Dual-Mode deployment, in which Autotalks’ chipsets are installed on roadside units such as traffic lights in the first site in Georgia, Texas, and Hawaii.

The traffic control gives the right of way to emergency vehicles such as ambulances and firefighting to enable them to arrive at their destination as fast as possible, busses and vehicles involved in roadside work zones.

The Georgia site is the first real-life testing site of this type of deployment. Applied Information has signed similar agreements in Texas and Hawaii, where the two companies are cooperating in similar deployments.

In Alpharetta, over 150 traffic control devices are connected and provide a unique opportunity to make real improvements in safety and mobility on streets and highways.

The Infrastructure Automotive Technology Laboratory (iATL) in Alpharetta is the world’s first private-sector facility for developing connected vehicle applications for both vehicles and traffic control devices.

“Our work with Applied Information, which results in the world’s first Dual-Mode /Dual- Active V2X deployment, is proof that the auto industry not waiting for the US regulator to decide which V2X technology to deploy,” said Yuval Lachman, vice president of business development at Autotalks. He added that the collaboration will expedite Autotalks’ entry into the U.S. market.


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