Israeli Startup REE Cooperates with Hino Motors to Showcase New FlatFormer Concept Vehicle


 Israeli startup REE  today announced its cooperation with Hino Motors, a Japan’s maker of commercial vehicles. The two companies present a super-flexible chassis that optimizes electric mobility solutions, at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show from the 24th of October through the 4th of November.

Hino’s FlatFormer concept design for trucks leverages REE’s novel electric module technology, which allows the entire drive components to reside within the wheel housing, thus creating a fully flat chassis.

Hino’s light-duty FlatFormer chassis supports a diverse range of plug-and-play body configurations that optimize internal vehicle space and provide room for additional in-car batteries and advanced safety technologies.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to cooperate and build FlatFormer together with REE, which we unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show 2019,” said Mr. Akira Yamaguchi, the General Manager of the design division at Hino Motors. “REE and Hino share the same vision of creating a sustainable and vividly prosperous future and reinventing the concept of mobility to deliver new value.”

Israeli startup REE reinvented the wheel for Future Vehicle

Founded in 2011 by Daniel Barel and Ahishay Sardes, REE integrating all of the components formerly found under the hood of the car into the wheel: the motors, steering, suspension, drivetrain, sensing, brakes, and electronics. It provides mobility providers and delivery companies.

The company, which reinvented the wheel, offers freedom of design. Tailored solutions on a single platform for automakers.

“REE is on a mission toward widespread sustainable and modular electrified mobility, and we’re honored to showcase the results of our cooperation with Hino’s team at this year’s event,” said Daniel Barel, Co-Founder, and CEO of REE.

According to the company, REE works together with Million Steps, a business development firm that extends the reach of Israeli companies throughout Japan, to bring this cooperation to fruition.



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