Published On: Mon, Jul 15th, 2019

Israeli Startup’s Revolutionary Tech sends Emergency Rescue signal Even When cellular network unavailable

Israeli startup SayVU has developed a platform based on innovative technology with remote control for personal and public safety when an emergency situation occurs, and GPS and cellular systems are unavailable.

According to the company its technology deploys in large companies, institutions, and emergency service providers to keep civilians safe.

Its advanced control system identifies and reports the first responders, firefighters, police and rescue forces of victims in situations without GPS positioning or cellular system.

The company’s technology help identifies a fall, a shock, a vibrant of the cellphone, or through pre-defined sequences such as tapping the camera button several times or simply speaking into the phone.

One of those signals triggers a process that records and transcribes the user’s voice, using an algorithm to determine the emergency based on what was said. The recording can then be sent to nearby authorities or help center. A security staff immediately sent to the location in order to provide a quick and life-saving response as the system is capable of specifying the exact location of the person inside a building, including areas with no mobile communications and or GPS signal.

Alex Rivkin, CTO said: “Our system technology shortens the reaction time of first responders by 75%. This also reduces costs compared to older systems on the market. The system includes an algorithm based on machine learning using Artificial Neural Network (ANN), which enables real-time identification of the user’s location within the structure using the existing WiFi networks. In addition, the system can detect a person’s fall and transmit the alert automatically, including accurate positioning of the user without using GPS within seconds to the control center.”

Founded in 2015 by Amotz Koskas, Alex Rivkin and Dror Matalon, has developed its product in partnership with American Optoknowledge Inc.

SayVU has customers in the United StatesIsrael, and Latin America. The company has now begun marketing to locations with buildings in protected areas such as campuses, airports, hospitals, hotels and sensitive facilities.

Amotz Koskas, CEO, said ”The advanced technology focuses on understanding the user’s environment and situation, creating both a full report and reflecting a detailed snapshot of events within seconds.  Our product addresses companies and institutions that care for their employees, as well as providing an innovative technological solution for First Responders. The system includes a command and control system and a mobile application’.”


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